"Beautiful and smart and original."

--Tim O'Brien, author of The Things They Carried, on the memoir most succinctly bred


"The art of teaching is almost as difficult

as the art of walking the tightrope."

--Philippe Petit, "Creativity: The Perfect Crime," Diane Rehm Show 14 May 2014



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New and Forthcoming:

"Field Notes on The Things They Carried" (WLA: War, Literature, & the Arts, forthcoming)

Teaching Hemingway and War (editor; Kent State UP, Nov 2015)

"Afterthoughts on 'The Rites of War and The Sun Also Rises' Inspired by For Whom the Bell Tolls" (Hemingway Review online, 28 Oct 2015)

"The Rites of War and The Sun Also Rises" (The Hemingway Review, Fall 2015)

"On 'Sublimation' and the American War in Vietnam" (Consequence Magazine online, 11 Aug 2015)

"Plying the Darkness." Essay-review of Brian Turner's My Life as a Foreign Country (Open Letters Monthly, 1 Jan 2015)