• I have yet to identify the model for "Mitchell," the British economist and journalist in For Whom The Bell Tolls. Karkov tells us Mitchell was something of a hero at Alcazar, a detail that suggests to me he's drawn from someone Hemingway encountered or heard about.


  • p.47: "On 15 November [1938], a parade in Barcelona bade farewell to the international volunteers....Hemingway and Gellhorn watched." The farewell parade actually occurred on 28 October. And, contra my book and Moorehead's biography of Gellhorn, the couple probably wasn't there (stay tuned for details).
  • p.25: "From the fourteenth to the twenty-first of April, Hemingway, Ivens, Ferno, and Dos Passos filmed in Fuenteduena..." Some Ivens experts strongly contend that Hemingway never went to the village. I'd love to find proof positive that Hemingway visited during filming. Ivens' notes has them filming there from 14 to 21 April 1937 (and possibly on the 22nd); it is hard to believe that Hemingway did not join them on at lest one day-trip during that period. He filed NANA dispatches on the 14th and then the 21st, but not in the week between, the week of village filming. Stay tuned.