"What the imagination can't conjure, reality delivers with a shrug."

--Datlon Trumbo, Trumbo (2015)


"The art of teaching is almost as difficult

as the art of walking the tightrope."

--Philippe Petit, "Creativity: The Perfect Crime," Diane Rehm Show 14 May 2014



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New and Forthcoming:

“A Kinetoscope of War: The Cinematic Effects of Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried” (JNT: Journal of Narrative Theory, v48n2 Summer 2018).

“Spectator-Citizen-Soldier: History, Genre, and Gender in The Hurt Locker” (Modern Fiction Studies special issue, “Enduring Operations: The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,” forthcoming) 

"Dallas-D.C.-Quang Tri." Combat Paper Project (2017)

“First to Write: The 1970s and the Vietnamese War” (American Literature in Transition, 1970-1980, Cambridge UP, forthcoming)

“Louis Fischer as ‘Mitchell’ in For Whom the Bell Tolls” (Hemingway Review, Spring 2017)

"Field Notes on The Things They Carried" (WLA: War, Literature, & the Arts, 2016)

"Jungle Gem" (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette interview about Tarzan on the release of The Legend of Tarzan, 8 July 2016)

Teaching Hemingway and War (editor; Kent State UP, Nov 2015)