• Happily, on reviewing a book manuscript for a publisher, I read two endorsements of Arms and the Self by two different writers.
    • One referenced it as one of three "influential" general studies of war memoirs for curious readers, along with Yuval Noah Harrari's Renaissance Military Memoirs (Boydell 2004) and Neil Ramsay's The Military Memoir and Romantic Literary Culture (Ashgate 2011). This person also listed two essays, Harari's "Martial Illusions: War and Disillusionment in Twentieth Century and Renaissance Military Memoirs" (Journal of Military History 69.1 [2005]), and my own "Submission and Resistance to the Self as Soldier: Tim O'Brien's War Memoir" (a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 17.2 [2002]).
    • The second called it one of the "major studies" of twentieth century wartime memoirs, the other two being Paul Fussell's The Great War and Modern Memory (Oxford UP 1977) and Samuel Hynes' The Soldiers' Tale: Bearing Witness to Modern War (Pimlico, 1998).